Reduce the chaos when moving in

Moving into a large-scale new-build complex often involves a degree of chaos. Afterwards, you are left to deal with damage to the building, unhappy residents, and some angry faces from the municipal government. Of course, we want to avoid that. Our tips:

Provide a removal planner

Residents can use an online removal planner to book a timeslot for moving in. It means that all the removals are scheduled in advance and spread across several days and times. Residents don’t need to book a timeslot for deliveries of new equipment, etc.

Focused communication is key

Send the online removal planner along with the communication about the handover of the keys. This is an extremely important point. As soon as the residents know the date of the key handover, they will start planning their removal. All sorts of matters will be set in motion.

Draw up and communicate a protocol for removals

Often, the moving-in phase is a bit vague and lacks specific arrangements. Who is responsible for what? It is important to decide, and to draw up a removal protocol. This document should be leading for the stakeholders, the municipality, and the residents.

Organize a loading zone

This will prevent traffic chaos in the vicinity of the building, especially if the building is in a town centre. The residents can park the removal van in the loading zone during their reserved timeslot. In addition, there should always be space next to the loading zone for separate deliveries of things like new washing machines.

Provide removal equipment

If you provide equipment such as rolling containers, two-wheeled trolleys and blankets for the residents’ use, you can prevent damage to the building. Place the removal equipment in the loading zone so that the residents can use those useful tools as soon as they unload the removal van.

Provide extra rubbish bins

You will need more than the usual number of waste bins to dispose of the amount of rubbish generated by moving. Prevent unsafe situations and pollution around the building and provide extra, lockable waste bins from the first day. It will make a huge difference!

Use experienced staff on moving days

To minimize chaos during moving days, make sure you call in experienced staff. They will need to coordinate the large-scale removal process and supervise the residents, removal companies, suppliers, and traffic, ensuring a well-organized process as well as giving the residents a warm welcome as soon as they arrive.

A soft landing for new residents

Do you have people moving in any time soon? If that’s the case, give them a soft landing!

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