• For office and residential buildings (from 30 apartments)
  • At least an 12-hour presence per week on site
  • Optional: a digital community platform, convenience services, and community management

Our service managers are on-site, doing rounds, tracking breakdowns or outages, and dealing with repair requests. +Jack sees to minor repairs immediately or calls in the right professionals.

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Everything you need to know about

+Jack is a next-level concierge, selected with care and trained in technical and hospitality skills. As well as doing jobs around the building, +Jack is a familiar, friendly face for users.

  • Jack monitors and prevents damage to the building
  • Jack means a speedier response to repair and other requests
  • If requested, +Jack can also do tasks in the apartments itself
  • Jack helps you avoid unnecessary expenses
  • Jack makes users feel safe
  • Jack raises the building-users’ satisfaction
  • Jack reduces the turnover rate
  • Jack is a familiar, friendly face and a point of contact
  • Jack inspects the building to check for actual or potential breakdowns
  • Jack deals with requests (such as for repairs) immediately or calls in the right professionals
  • Jack lets in contractors and supervises them
  • Jack does tasks in the apartments, like hanging up lamps
  • Jack is always ready for a friendly chat and keeps an eye on things
  • Jack notifies users about minor and major breakdowns and malfunctions in the building

Of course, +Jack does much more too. As much depends on the days and times at which staff are present on site, the owner’s wishes and the users’ needs, +Jack is unique to each location.

What do they think of our Jack?

Quote +Jack is a friendly and helpful man. When I send him a text, he is usually at my door the same day. We then do chores together and he teaches me new tricks. Awesome!
Resident Plaza West | Haarlem
Quote Our +Jack, Bert, is a lovely person to have in our Living Room. You immediately notice the difference when he’s not around. He keeps everything spick and span, he’s chatty and sociable, and he’s really dedicated to looking after the area.
Resident House of Arnhem | Arnhem