Tenant engagement is trending – and so it should be

Property owners and managers are making more and more efforts to actively involve users in the buildings in which they live or work.

What is the point?

There are three major advantages and we have listed them here:

1. It improves your positioning
A friendly welcome, a range of services such as dry cleaning or car washes, and visible events like a weekly boot camp and annual winter drinks parties do not only raise the user’s engagement, they also reinforce the building’s positioning and image. In turn, it becomes easier to attract new tenants and increase the value of the building.

2. Valuable feedback
Engaged users are more likely to share valuable feedback with the property owners and managers. That information can be used to respond more appropriately to the needs of the users and to improve processes throughout the property portfolio. Genuine feedback is crucial for improvement.

3. Good contact between the users and the managers
High engagement improves contact between the users and the managers. The bond that is created raises both satisfaction and loyalty, producing long-term contracts and a strong sense of community.

Would you like to know more?

Obviously, no two buildings are the same. Would you like to brainstorm about how to raise tenant engagement in your building? No problemo! The James Company would love to help. Please get in touch with us. We like it!

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