Our green heart ๐Ÿ’š

Community management

We are committed to building close-knit, local communities, whether itโ€™s in the workplace or in our residential building. Online or offline, we think it is important to get users engaged and connected. Our support of local businesses and initiatives is entirely in keeping with that belief. For instance, we hold boot camps with the local gyms, we host barbecues in the summer with the butcherโ€™s round the corner, we ask a local barista to attend our moving-in days and we go into the neighbourhood with picks and garbage bags to clean up together.


We want our work to be a positive contribution to society โ€“ not just by getting users involved in community initiatives, but by getting stuck in and helping out, too.

A fixed date in our diary is World Cleanup Day. We all get together and go out there to clean up the local area. Users, staff, partners, and clients are inspired to come and to do something for the neighbourhood. The project leads to great things: it makes our world a better place and boosts community engagement.


Happy workers make for happy users. With this in mind, we invest annually in our peopleโ€™s job satisfaction. We believe that job satisfaction has several facets, so we distinguish between culture, workplace, technology, leadership, and the employee journey.

However, we focus on personal development as well as job satisfaction. We believe that employees who can keep learning are happier. We offer training sessions, which are often disguised as fun events: from pizza sessions to our training-course festival. We know how to make work more fun and more exciting. Happy working!

Net Zero

Sustainability is a major aspect of our business processes and our service. Within the company, we actively look for ways to reduce our CO2 emissions, we are working on a policy for sustainable travel, and we never use single-use plastic anywhere. Together, we aim to do things a little bit better every day.

On-site, as well as making life for our users more fun, more exciting, and more convenient, we make it more sustainable as well! Fewer products are needed because certain amenities are shared: things like tools, stepladders, shared cars, and shared bikes.