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  • New builds
  • Optional: organization delivery for residents

Our moving-in concierges supervise large-scale removal operations to ensure they are well-organized and trouble-free. The concierges are on-site to prevent damage to the building and help residents plan their removals in a handy online removal planner.

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Moving-in concierges are ready to help when a building is handed over. During the often hectic removal phase, they are the main point of contact for the residents, the removal company and delivery people.

  • Moving-in concierges offer a warm welcome for the residents
  • Moving-in concierges create safe circumstances for moving in
  • Moving-in concierges guarantee an efficient moving-in process
  • Moving-in concierges prevent damage to the building
  • Moving-in concierges take a lot of work off the residents’ hands by supplying removal equipment
  • Moving-in concierges help boost tenant satisfaction
  • Moving-in concierges help residents feel safe
  • Our online removal planner ensures that the removals are spread evenly throughout the time scheduled for the entire removal operation

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Moving into a location in the centre of town or to a building with more than a hundred apartments can be quite a challenge. That’s why our moving-in concierges are here to help! They’ll bring along removal equipment, tips, and a helping hand.

  • Moving-in concierges provide equipment, including rolling containers and trolleys, to make moving a piece of cake.
  • Moving-in concierges reserve the loading zone for booked timeslots
  • Moving-in concierges supervise other residents, the removal companies, and delivery people
  • Moving-in concierges lend a hand where needed

Our Community Manager makes every handover an event to celebrate. For instance, a string of coloured lights around the entrance, a small coffee bar with a barista just outside the door and some treats from the confectioner’s round the corner. This kind of event means residents immediately know where to find the local heroes too.

Perhaps we will call in our partner, Buitengewoon Bubbels, to serve Champagne from their silver food truck. Happy people. That’s why we do it.

What do they think of our Moving help?

Quote Although the lift was out of order, the removal went very well, thanks to The James Company, the removal company, and the other residents.
Resident Langs de Ley | Den Haag
Quote It was such a relief to find a moving-in concierge with a tag for the multi-storey car park! You see, I’d forgotten mine. And then it was a great idea to have two-wheeled trolleys ready for us and to protect the corridor and the lift against potential damage.
Resident The Station House | Leiden