Happy people. That’s what we do it for.
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The Digital Community

In 2015, we started to develop our digital community platform that centres on the wishes and needs of the users. Our app is available in the App Store, on Google Play and for desktop computers. Users are kept up to date on breakdowns and outages, maintenance, and other relevant matters. But, of course, that’s not all. Need a babysitter? Want to book a spot in the in-house gym? Thinking of signing up for the silent disco in the communal garden? Or do you need to send a request, perhaps for a repair? The app covers all those matters, too.

Our values

Our values are the essence of who we are and how we operate. People are our main focus, and our service revolves around them. Every day, without fail, we aim to supply the best possible service. Happy people. That’s why we do it.

Engaged 💚
We listen to users, focus on understanding, and pay even more attention to what and how we communicate. That’s how we make living and working in different buildings better. We just care.

Together 👯
We believe in the power of together: with colleagues, with users, with clients, with stakeholders, with partners, with local heroes, and with start-ups. That’s how we manage to provide the best service for a fair price.

Getting it done 💪
We’re bold and we get things done. It’s what keeps us moving forward, learning and discovering, to improve our service bit by bit, every day.

Trust ✅
Our people work independently, so trust is essential. We highly appreciate expertise, engagement, and honesty. Both individually and as a whole, we assume our responsibility and are dedicted to our work.