• For office and residential buildings (from 100 apartments)
  • 70 to 90-hour presence per week on-site
  • Includes: a digital community platform, convenience services, and community management

We supply top-quality on-site service with our +James service concept. We provide a steady team of hospitality hosts and a service manager who are on-site every day at a regular place and are the main point of contact for users and visitors

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The huge added value we offer users also benefits the buildings we take care of. We are happy to report lower tenant turnover and rent losses, as well as quicker response times for repairs and other requests.

  • James enhances your building’s image
  • James guarantees a speedier response to repair requests
  • James raises the building-users’ satisfaction
  • James reduces the turnover rate
  • James raises the building-users’ community engagement
  • James increases the sense of safety
  • James builds a tight-knit community
  • James creates a better connection with the neighbourhood
  • Optional: a branded service concept
  • James responds to repair requests and takes care of other requests too
  • James lets in contractors and supervises them
  • James takes in parcels
  • James takes keys into safe keeping
  • James greets visitors
  • James is always ready for a friendly chat and keeps an eye on things
  • James supplies convenience services
  • James organizes events and small-scale get-togethers
  • In the app, +James notifies users about major outages and malfunctions in the building
  • In the app, +James keeps users of the building up to date with the latest news

Of course, +James does much more too. As much depends on the days and times at which staff are present on site, the owner’s wishes and the users’ needs, +James is unique to each location.

+James has both an offline (on-site) and online presence: on our digital community platform, with setups that are specific to the individual buildings, we communicate quickly and clearly to the users in straightforward terms. We can, for instance, notify them of breakdowns and outages or maintenance very quickly. Users can discuss this with each other, +James and stakeholders on the timeline.

In addition, our digital community platform has proved essential for offering convenience services, which range from dry cleaners to a car wash and from babysitters to a removal service. All those services can be booked in the app. Happy people. That’s why we do it.

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What do they think of our James?

Quote Tenant satisfaction is extremely important to Bouwinvest. As TJC deploys regular staff on-site, our tenants always have a familiar face to turn to with their questions. Our contact with The James Company is conveniently arranged and we are always kept up to date on what’s going in our complex. They also organize events for our tenants and look after the notice board. As they post fun and informative messages on the notice board, the TJC team have created a dynamic space where tenants can meet, contributing to the sense of community within the complexes.
Client | Bouwinvest
Quote It’s fantastic to see Ellie, Annette, and Erwin. They boost the cohesion between the residents by organizing activities, chatting, and keeping the residents up to date. I think there are lots and lots of residents who are very happy with +James. It’s a fabulous service! It’s a real luxury to have them take in parcels and do odd jobs when I’m not in.
Resident FORUM | Rotterdam