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Heritage building Plesmanduin

Plesmanduin will become a new residential area in The Hague, with the former KLM headquarters as the main focus. Rotterdam developer Impact Vastgoed is working on an impressive transformation of that heritage building, turning it into a multifunctional space where people can live, work, and relax.

Several phases

The work on Plesmanduin, the heritage building, was started in July 2021. The building will accommodate 152 homes, a hotel, a restaurant, and a gym. Once the heritage building has been handed over, the work will continue on this new district of The Hague, which will feature another three luxurious new-build complexes.

Moving in with workmen still at work

The second quarter of 2023 saw the first homes handed over to their buyers. It was quite a challenge, as the main contractor, Van Wijnen, and the various subcontractors were still extremely busy finishing the building at the time.

How could these brand-new owners move safely into their new homes? The James Company’s moving-in concierges were the solution. The main concern was ensuring a safe and comfortable move into the building.


Whether you are dealing with workmen, residents, removal companies, or suppliers, safety in and around the building is crucial. The main contractor Van Wijnen does everything within their power to create a safe working environment on the building site.

Our moving-in concierges assume that responsibility at the entrance on Plesmanweg. They make sure that the new residents, the subcontractors, and the suppliers all know the applicable safety rules and that they all observe them.

What we do:

  • We receive residents, visitors, suppliers, and subcontractors at the entrance on Plesmanweg
  • We give instructions on safety in and around the building
  • If necessary, we escort people around the building
  • We make sure the safety rules are followed and speak to people who don’t follow the rules

Preventing damage

Living in a building with such an amazing history and appearance is a joy. To protect the magnificent historic details both on the inside and the outside, our moving-in concierges keep an extra eye on things to prevent damage.

What we do:

  • We apply protective materials such as plastic sheeting and rubber buffers
  • We supply blankets and other suitable removal equipment
  • We keep an eye on the subcontractors’ work and their equipment
  • We do rounds of the building and inspect the rooms

Comfortably moving in

Residents can use our online removal planner to book a timeslot for use of the loading and unloading zone. It means that they can be sure of a space at the entrance, so they can unload their stuff without hassle.

Of course, we help the residents whenever they need it, if they need to unload a marble kitchen worktop or a washing machine, for example.

What we do:

  • We set up the online removal planner
  • We coordinate the use of the loading and unloading zone
  • We coordinate the use of the lift
  • We offer a helping hand where it’s needed

Do you have any questions about moving in? We’re happy to help!

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