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A unique concept for Pontsteiger

Amsterdam | Pontsteiger | Bouwinvest

A unique edifice on the IJ

This iconic residential building was finished and handed over in 2019. It’s built, not on the water, but in the water, like a tiny, urban peninsula. For Amsterdam, it’s the most prominent landmark in the Houthavens. This unique edifice is more than a building: it’s a thriving, bustling community.

An exclusive concept

We created a service concept for Pontsteiger that is as unique as the building itself. The result is called Pontsteiger Assistant. Dopped your key in the river IJ? The Pontsteiger will arrange a new one for you. Friends dropping round to see you? The Pontsteiger Assistant will let them in. The Assistant goes above and beyond to help the residents.

Quote It’s nice to know that there’s an independent person on standby duty until eight o’ clock. It makes me feel safe. And the Pontsteiger Assistants are always so friendly. They’re always professional, and that’s something I really appreciate.
Resident Pontsteiger | Amsterdam
Quote Pontsteiger Assistant supplies a service that has actually become indispensable for many residents, and saves lots of time because they see to the maintenance, for instance, take receipt of parcels, and manage the keys. It’s a fantastic help!’
Resident Pontsteiger | Amsterdam
Quote Tenant satisfaction is extremely important to Bouwinvest. As TJC deploys regular staff on-site, our tenants always have a familiar face to turn to with their questions. Our contact with The James Company is conveniently arranged and we are always kept up to date on what’s going in our complex. They also organize events for our tenants and look after the notice board. As they post fun and informative messages on the notice board, the TJC team have created a dynamic space where tenants can meet, contributing to the sense of community within the complexes.
Client | Bouwinvest

The PA that comes with your home

A team of hospitality hosts are ready and waiting to run errands for the Pontsteiger users, seven days a week. Known as the Pontsteiger Assistant (PA), they create a 5-star hotel experience.

Our hospitality manager had to consider the different roles when putting together the top-notch team: from hospitality guru to handyman. To prepare for the building’s handover, we organized an intensive week of training which included lectures on immoveable property, tours, and extensive introductory meetings.

Meet Your Pontsteiger Neighbours

We bid the residents a cordial welcome to their new homes even before the handover, at the De Prael brewery, a true local hero. It was the perfect place for the residents, the PAs, the property manager and the owner’s association manager to get to know each other. Our community manager provided an informative, interactive programme and goodie bags filled with local products.


Online presence

The Pontsteiger Assistant App is an extension of the PAs’ work; it gives the residents access to personal documents and keeps them updated on local news as well as news about Pontsteiger itself. Do you want flowers delivered or your bedding cleaned? It can be arranged – quickly and without hassle – in the Pontsteiger Assistant App.

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Up and running

Today, Pontsteiger’s PAs are here to stay. They are a regular point of contact and service desk for the residents and their visitors, suppliers, contractors, and other stakeholders.


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