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Connecting residents and neighbourhood

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The Zuidas

The Zuidas area of Amsterdam started out as a business district: a place where leading companies had branches or headquarters and where the streetscape was dominated by men in dark suits. However, this unique and traditionally business-focused part of the city is being transformed into a great place to live, too.

900 Mahler

900 Mahler (127 apartments) was one of the first high-rise apartment buildings to be built in the district. This residential tower, which was inspired by New York’s architecture, was finished and handed over in 2016.

A team on-site

From the very moment the building was handed over, The James Company was there with a team on-site. Three experienced hospitality hosts work in shifts and keep the location staffed. They are on site from 7 AM to 8 PM on Monday to Friday, from 9 AM to 3 PM on Saturday, and from 11 AM to 3 PM on Sunday.

The hospitality hosts communicate quickly and easily with the users by means of our app.


Hospitality host Jannie has been the face of high-rise apartment building 900 Mahler since the moment it was handed over. She makes living in 900 Mahler truly memorable – which is entirely in keeping with the traditions of The James Company. She knows the building like the back of her hand and she can detect breakdowns almost before they happen so they can be resolved very quickly. Of course, she is on hand to help the residents, to chat to them or deal with a request for a repair.

Quote I liked the boot camps and the socials organized in the building and in the neighbourhood. A great way of meeting the neighbours.
Resident 900 Mahler | Amsterdam
Quote The feeling of “home” that +James creates can’t be expressed in money.
Resident 900 Mahler | Amsterdam
Quote +James connects. It’s always lovely to chat to +James and fellow residents. I feel that residents are more connected to each other, and to the neighbourhood, thanks to +James.
Resident 900 Mahler | Amsterdam
Quote Without +James, we wouldn’t have bought that apartment.
Resident 900 Mahler | Amsterdam
Quote Every +James is so attentive, sociable, and helpful. Besides, it’s just fantastic that someone takes in your parcels and does things like water your plants when you’re on holiday. I don’t need to worry about a thing anymore!
Resident 900 Mahler | Amsterdam
Quote +James is important for the safety in the building because uninvited guests are less likely to slip inside. +James’ presence makes us users feel safe.
Resident 900 Mahler | Amsterdam

Community building

In addition, Jannie believes it is her job to connect the residents with each other and with the neighbourhood. Particularly when the residents first got their keys in 2016, the evenings and weekends were very quiet in the business-focused Zuidas. Jannie immediately sought out local heroes, like restaurants and a gym, who had until then mainly focused on business customers, for collaborations. Working with the gym, she set up a boot camp for residents and now she hosts informal drinks parties at several of the restaurants, so the residents can get to know the area and their neighbours.

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