Building a community before delivery

In order to create strong and flourishing communities it’s important to involve users and neighbours at the earliest possible stage. Three examples of community building before delivery:

1. Organize user participation

User participation gives you an insight into the needs of your future users. We don’t mean that you follow without question what the user says, but genuine interest often leads to new and exciting ideas.

An extra advantage: user participation acts as a springboard. By showing genuine interest in your future users and bringing together the various parties at an early stage, you plant the first seeds of a strong and flourishing community.

A good example of user participation is the Happy Days project with the ‘Vrijbuiters’ of ERA Contour.

2. Digital living room

Create a digital living room where future users, neighbours and stakeholders can meet each other. A community app is ideal for this.

Make sure that this digital living room is managed by an experienced community manager. Such a community manager can connect with the right stakeholders, increase interaction and monitor quality.

3. Real-life meetings

Bring future users, neighbours and stakeholders together in real life during a ‘Meet your Neighbours’ event. Use the location of a local hero, as that way you will immediately be supporting a local business.

If you have your own space available, ask among the community members who can organize the food and drink, etc. Who knows, there may even be a champagne grower or keen amateur cook among you.

Check this video of BPD’s Meet your Neighbours event in Diemen.

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