Meaningful communities in the winter too

How can you reinforce the sense of community during winter? Our community manager Marlène shares her favourite winter tips for ensuring thriving and meaningful communities.

Empower the community

December is an ideal time for letting building users take control of the helm. Give office users an opportunity to write Christmas cards for lonely elderly people, put some boxes in the entrance hall to collect products for the food bank, or encourage residents to invite single neighbours over for Christmas breakfast. Happy people. That’s why we do it.

Positive building experience

By carefully decorating the building, you improve users’ enjoyment of the building and encourage them to make contact with each other. Your options here include mood lighting and a proper Christmas tree. Coffee and hot chocolate trucks also work well, as does a pop-up Christmas choir.

Rituals and traditions

The Christmas breakfast and winter drink are cherished traditions that are celebrated every year. Although people’s agendas are pretty full in December, time is always reserved for good rituals and traditions.

For example, how about the annual winter drinks at the Pontsteiger building in Amsterdam, which is organized every year between Christmas and New Year’s Eve? Or the Christmas breakfast that the residents of Hof van Holland in Hilversum prepare together?

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