The importance of local heroes

The James Company works with local heroes: start-ups, local businesses, and organizations in the neighbourhood who are known for their workmanship and professionalism.

Neighbourhood engagement

The most important reason to involve local heroes in our services in a (new-build) building is to create cohesion in the neighbourhood. It will form not only a community in the building, but will also spread the sense of community beyond the front door.

Even more advantages

  • Local is more sustainable than global. Shorter lines of transport means less pollution and as a result, we can reduce our ecological footprint.
  • If we choose to use local businesses, we can contribute to a more pleasant, fairer, and more sustainable community.
  • The quality of local products and services often outdoes that of large corporations.
  • Repair and guarantee services offered by local businesses are much better.
  • Working with local heroes guarantees commitment, engagement, and follow-up services, as we work directly with the proprietors of the businesses.

Local hero John

John is the proprietor of O’Casey’s, an Irish pub on The Hague’s Noordeinde. As well as its restaurant, the pub has a gorgeous garden, a gem hidden deep in the royal city.

This garden is the venue for the annual summer barbecue for the residents of residential building Kortenaer, just 500 metres from the pub.

And there’s yet another advantage: once you’ve been to O’Casey’s, you’ll find you can’t wait to visit it again! Now, John often welcomes residents who come for his Pub Classics.

Local hero Ron

Ron at Java Schoenservice is a local hero whose reputation for excellent work has spread across the whole city of The Hague. Every shoe, whether it’s a sneaker, a boot, high-heeled or a slipper, comes back from a visit to Ron all spruced up.

In his shop on Javastraat, he repairs the footwear with care, welcomes customers for a chat, and offers them a delicious cuppa while they wait.

It’s actually a pity that the residents who use are online cobbler’s service never visit Ron in his shop. This craftsmanship is really worth seeing!

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