New website. This makes us happy

It’s here! Our new website has gone live. And it doesn’t just look different, we changed the structure completely too. A short tour of the site:

1. What we do

The purpose of our new website is to give a clear, straightforward answer to the question: what can The James Company do for property owners and managers?

That’s why the first section of our home page presents the areas of expertise about which you can ring us directly: hospitality management, convenience services and (online) community management.

2. More details

In addition, we explain our well-known solutions for office and residential buildings in extremely clear, detailed pages, such as That’s where we explain what +Jack can do for buildings, owners, and users.

3. It’s good to look good 

Although our focus is on presenting our solutions, we also tinkered with the look. And we’re very proud of the results! Our new website’s design is happy, clear, and friendly. Just like our services.

4. Bilingual

Would you like to introduce a fellow property professional based abroad to our solutions for residential blocks and office buildings? No worries. You can change the language in the menu bar: at the top, on the right-hand side.

5. Newsletter

Are you a property professional? In that case, sign up for our newsletter for inspirational stories about our services, both online and offline, that centre on users. We won’t send more than one newsletter per quarter, and that’s a promise!

You can’t wait to get in touch?

Call us on 088 4324025, send us an e-mail at, or make an appointment to meet us over a coffee.

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