How to improve users’ enjoyment of a building during winter

As an building owner or manager, you work all year round on making living and working more fun, more surprising, more sustainable, and, above all, easier. During the dark months of winter, there are even more opportunities in this respect. Our favourites in a nutshell:


Shopping centres and town centres have a long history of installing extra lighting over Christmas and the season in general. We believe that this trend is also appropriate for residential complexes and offices of all sizes. Invest in LED lighting that can be left on all winter and reused every year.

Christmas tree service

Fortunately, the habit of ‘popping out to buy a Christmas tree’ is losing popularity. The Christmas trees without a root ball that are bought on impulse in this way can only be used for one year, which has a negative impact on the climate. Offer your building users an alternative, such as adopting a Christmas tree.

We offer this service on our online community platform. Building users order a Christmas tree and our partner Engelsman Hoveniers delivers the tree to the building.

Swap your Christmas decorations

This is another sustainable initiative that you can bring to the attention of building users via an online community platform.

Who is bored with their Christmas decorations, and would like to swap then with their neighbours’ or colleagues’ decorations? Set up a group with users who are interested in some new decorations this year, and organize a swap event in the entrance hall. Have you got some cash left over? Get the administrator or a community manager to decorate such an event with a hot-chocolate truck.

Bring the community together

At this time of year, agendas are quickly filled up with drinks events with work colleagues, friends and family. So how can you bring building users together? Check out our community manager Marlène’s favourite winter tips here.

Obviously, no two buildings are the same. The James Company enjoys sharing its thoughts. Please get in touch with us. We like it!

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